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Hello drum enthusiasts. My name is Al. Looking for a quality drum set for sale? 
When its time to get down and rock it when it comes to a drum-kit, you need the best that
you can afford. Don't just settle for any drum set, unless you are on a budget.

You have to make an educated decision when it comes to picking a good drum kit.
Two major questions need to be answered

1.Is this the best drum-kit I can afford?
2. Will this set carry me to my next phase of musical development?

There are many places to shop for drums and a lot of brands to choose from DW, Tama, Pearl, and Ludwig just to name a few. I happen to be a DW and Pearl man myself.

There is just something about the sound-quality of the wood that's built into those particular brands.

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History Of Drums

The concept of drums are as old as mankind. A drum is called a membranophone, or an instrument that creates sound by striking a stretched membrane with some type of object, usually a rounded stick. Drums consist of a hollowed-out piece(called the body), a membrane stretched over the end of the drum, and tuning keys or pegs which tighten or loosen the membrane to achieve different tones. While most may think that the body of the drum produces the sound, it is in fact actually the membrane and its vibration that creates the sound when struck.

Drums first appeared as far back as 6000 BC. Mesopotamian excavations unearthed small cylindrical drums dated 3000 BC. Several wall markings found in caves in Peru show drums used in various aspects of societal life. The American Indians used gourd and wooden constructed drums for their rituals and ceremonies. Drums have always been used for more than merely creating music. Civil uses, messaging, and religious uses are but a few.

Origin Of The Drum-kit

Drum kits, a grouping of various toned drums, originated in marching bands and parade bands in New Orleans. It was found that one drummer could play more than one drum simultaneously. This is known as double drumming. 

Cymbals and Tom Toms, which were invented in China, were added to drum kits. Percussion additives such as cowbells, wooden blocks, and chimes were incorporated as well. By the 1930's the standard drum kit had taken shape. The Kit consisted of a bass drum and foot pedal, snare, tom toms, hi-hat cymbal, and large hanging cymbals.

In the 1960's rock drummers began the expansion of drum kits that are the norm today. More toms and cymbals, as well as the addition of another bass drum to increase speed were added. Electronic drums were also developed to create sounds that traditional drums were unable to produce. These brought about the synthesized drum sounds used in many modern styles of music.

Don't forget, if you are a beginner, Click Here to check out a beginners course that I highly recommend.

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